General terms and conditions of sale

Terms and conditions
of sale


The general terms and conditions of sale set out below apply to all activities offered by Yak’Ocean, via its website and its various sales outlets.
Persons wishing to participate in the sports and leisure activities offered by Yak’Ocean fully and unconditionally accept the general conditions of sale set out below.

I. Tariff:

The prices of our products are indicated in euros and include all taxes (VAT + other taxes). All activities are payable in euros, by cheque, cash or by cheque, cash or bank transfer.
Yak’Ocean reserves the right to modify its prices at any time: the activities will be invoiced on the basis of the prices displayed at the time of the activity, except for possible errors in our catalogue. Only the prices displayed on our website and in our home base in Sanguinet are valid.
Any dispute will be dealt with by the only competent court.
Our prices include :

  • Supervision by qualified instructors,
  • Specific equipment,
  • Technical transport linked to the activities: when they require it and under the conditions defined at the time of booking,
  • Specific characteristics linked to the programme within the framework of “all-inclusive” programmes (cf. referenced quote).

Our prices do not include

  • Transfers to the meeting point of the activities,
  • Personal expenses and drinks supplements,
  • Specific features of the programme in the context of “all-inclusive” programmes (see referring quote).

II. Participation:

The practice of all our activities requires :

  • good health and no medical contraindications to the chosen activity;
  • compliance with the minimum age requirements and the conditions indicated below.

To practice water activities, it is compulsory to be able to swim at least 25 metres and to immerse oneself. You may be asked for a swimming certificate
A swimming certificate may be requested before the activity (parents’ signature for minors).
The practice of our activities implies that participants may get wet and/or fall into the water during the course of the activity.
For minors who are not accompanied by their parents:
It is compulsory to present a parental or collective authorisation (in the case of a collective structure) for any unaccompanied minor participating in our activities.
unaccompanied minor participating in our activities.
A swimming certificate issued by a competent authority will be requested before the activity, for each unaccompanied minor participant.
unaccompanied minor participant.
Concerning the consumption of alcoholic drinks:
The consumption of alcoholic beverages is not compatible with the practice of water sports activities.
For safety reasons and to guarantee the physical integrity of all participants, the Yak’Ocean instructors are the only judges and reserve the right to refuse access to the activity to all persons showing signs of inebriation not compatible with the proposed activities, and this without any possibility of reimbursement and/or compensation.

III. Materials provided:

All the specific technical equipment is provided for each activity: this equipment meets the (French or European) safety standards in force. safety standards in force.
The participant/client is responsible for the equipment lent to him/her for the activity. The professional cannot be held responsible for
The professional cannot be held responsible for any damage that may be caused by the equipment made available.
In the event of theft or damage to the equipment loaned, the participant/client may be asked to pay compensation for wear and tear or a full refund.or a full refund of the equipment.
A list of the personal equipment to be provided will be given to you at the time of your registration.

IV. Damage, loss and theft of equipment or personal effects:

Yak’Ocean declines all responsibility in case of theft or deterioration of objects and personal belongings left in its premises as well as during the activities.
Yak’Ocean reminds you that all participants must consider falling into the water with complete immersion during the water activities.
activities. Yak’Ocean cannot be held responsible for the loss, theft (including in the vehicles) or breakage of objects (eg:
glasses, cameras…) that the participants could take with them during the activity and that could occur during the activity.

V. Framing:

The supervision of all the activities we offer is carried out by professional instructors who are state-approved in their discipline.
The instructors’ diplomas and professional cards are available on request or can be consulted at our base in Sanguinet.

VI. Security:

Each participant in the activities must refer to the instructions and safety rules issued by the instructor.
Before each activity, a briefing is given by the guide, presenting the use of the equipment, the safety rules to be adopted during the activity and the possible dangers inherent to the activity and the specific environment in which it takes place. Before each activity, a briefing is given by the guide, presenting the use of the equipment, the safety rules to be adopted during the activity and the possible dangers inherent to the activity and the specific environment in which the activity takes place.
Only the instructor is able to modify or cancel the outing for safety reasons linked to the conditions of practice and the level of the participants.

VII. Registration and payment procedures:

Registration for activities must be made by telephone to our offices and, depending on availability, by calling +33 (0)6 11 92 05 83 or by e-mail to the following address:
For all requests that have been the subject of a specific and personalised estimate, all registrations will only be taken into account on receipt of the signed, dated estimate, accompanied by the signed, dated and accompanied by a deposit of the amount requested (the amount of this deposit may vary depending on the size of the group and the activities carried out). The deposit can be paid either by cheque or by bank transfer.
Concerning the number of participants in the activities:
In the case of a group (8 people or more), the deadline for providing us with the actual number of participants on the day of the activity is set at D-10 (unless we expressly advise you otherwise). The amount of the balance to be paid on the day of the activity will be made according to the terms established below:
According to the actual number of participants on the day of the activity if this is higher than the number announced on the deadline (subject to the fact that we are not full).
On the basis of the actual number of participants on the day of the activity if this is greater than the figure announced on the closing date (provided that we are not full and can therefore accommodate participants not initially planned);
On the basis of the figure announced at the deadline if the actual number of participants on the day of the activity is lower than that announced at the deadline date; The balance will then be paid on site before the activity: by cheque or in cash. By registering you acknowledge that you have been informed of our general terms and conditions of sale and to accept the terms.
In the case of a group or the registration of several people, the subscriber agrees to make known and approve the information, general terms and conditions of sale and any other documentation to all participants.

VIII. Conditions of cancellation:

Preliminary remarks concerning the weather conditions:

All the activities we offer take place in the open air.
Only the Yak’Ocean instructors are able to cancel or postpone an activity in case of bad weather conditions that could affect the safety of the participants.
If the Yak’Ocean instructors consider that the safety of the participants is not in question and that the activity can be maintained, the cancellation of the activity will not be accepted.
the activity can be maintained, the cancellation of the reservation or the non-appearance of the participants at the time and place of the meeting due to bad weather
The cancellation of a booking or the failure of participants to arrive at the meeting point at the right time and place due to bad weather is equivalent to a last minute cancellation (less than 2 days before the date of the activity) and therefore has the same consequences (see below, paragraph “On the client’s initiative”).

By the client :

Any cancellation on your part before the date of the beginning of the activity must be sent to us by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.
It is the date of acknowledgement of receipt of this letter that will be taken as the date of cancellation for the invoicing of the cancellation fees.
In case of cancellation more than 30 days before your activity, the amounts paid will be refunded, except for a fixed sum of
of thirty euros (30 €) per file.
From 30 days before your activity, your withdrawal will result in the following deductions

  • from 30 to 21 days: 25% of the amount;
  • from 20 to 8 days: 50% of the amount;
  • 7 to 2 days: 90% of the amount;
  • less than 2 days: 100% of the amount.

No reimbursement will be made for any withdrawal or cancellation less than 2 days before the event.
Any service interrupted or not consumed due to the participant or the subscriber, whatever the reason, will not be reimbursed and the full price of the service must be paid.
In case of cancellation before D-15, the activity can be postponed if a date is agreed between the 2 parties.

Due to Yak’Ocean:

Yak’Ocean and its instructors reserve the right to modify, with or without prior notice, any programme according to weather or safety conditions.
weather or safety conditions. Replacement activities may be organised without any participant being able to claim any compensation.
In the event of a change in the itinerary, Yak’Ocean undertakes to offer a new itinerary of the same value as the one initially planned;
This modification can be decided on the day of the activity without prior notice from us.
In case of cancellation, another date will be fixed by mutual agreement between the parties. If no agreement is reached, the participants will be.
If no agreement is reached, the participants will be fully refunded without being entitled to any additional compensation.

IX. Insurance:

Yak’Ocean has a Professional Civil Liability insurance covering the activities we supervise.
Each participant must have an individual civil liability insurance.

X. Settlement of disputes:

The parties shall endeavour to resolve amicably any difficulties that may arise in the performance of the contract.
If no amicable agreement can be reached, all disputes relating to the validity, interpretation and performance of this agreement shall be governed exclusively by the rules of French law.
All disputes, of whatever nature, shall fall under the jurisdiction of the French civil and commercial courts, including those ruling in summary proceedings.

XI. Legal information:

The collection of personal information is necessary for the management of orders.
In accordance with the French law on “Information Technology and Civil Liberties”, the processing of personal information relating to customers is subject to a declaration to the National Commission on Information Technology and Civil Liberties (CNIL).
declaration to the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL). The customer has (article 34 of the law of January 6, 1978) a right of access, modification, rectification and deletion of data concerning him.
Yak’Ocean commits itself not to communicate, free of charge or with compensation, the details of its customers to a third party.