Stand-up paddle Polo

Stand-up Paddle


Stand-up paddle Polo
on the Sanguinet lake

Polo en stand-up paddle

The must-have of the moment !

This activity is a crossover between Polo and Stand-up paddle. It is a relevant mix of stability, agility and tactic to score against the opposite team.

2020 novelty : the SUP Polo

It’s a 3 against 3 game. The red team against the blue team with paddles of each color.

The Sup boards and paddles are specifically made for the game. 

The rules

  • The ball must only be played with the paddle (no hand, feet or head)
  • You must have to be stand-up to play
  • It’s a non contact game – no pushing or paddle blocking 

Practical informations

We have inflatable 11’ Sroka and Surfpistols boards and 9’7’’ foam board for children from Tribord.

Swimsuit, eye-glass leash, sunscreen, water bottle.

  • 1h : 25€/person

Enjoy a funny moment !

With friends or family

Our team will be happy to welcome you !