Boot camp

Boot Camp

Team-building / incentive

Boot Camp
Arcachon Bay and Landes

location stand-up paddle

Boot Camp is a physical outdoor program thereby surpassing oneself, team spirit development and the taste for challenge.

You will have to do a series of exercices with a strong physical intensity between land and water.

Our activity leaders adapt to every public to encourage every single person to surpass.

What is important is not the individual performance but the cohesion and team spirit. The goal is to surpassing our own physical limits to get to know you better.

The collective spirit aims to push the participants further and further. It is a real performance aid tool.

By going through difficult trials, your collaborators will unite through the common emotions they will feel and share together.

Pratical informations

From 20 to 250 people

From 1H30 to 3H

Quotation only available on demand

Sportswear and extra clothes

Who will surpass himself ?

Go beyond your limits

All our activities are flexible