Treasure hunt

Treasure hunt

Arcachon Bay and Landes

Treasure hunt,
an original adventure

chasse aux trésors

The treasure hunt is a thrilling challenge, your employees will love it!

Wake up the investigator inside you! During a thrilling treasure hunt, your teams will have to solve enigmas, rebus et clues until the outcome of the plot.

The treasure hunt can be realized at any moment of the year. The game start from 10 up to 250 participants and takes about two hours.

Furthermore, the treasure hunt emphasizes team spirit and a better knowledge of the staff while exploring a beautiful location. Add to that the challenge a well as an activity that comes out of everyday life…

To be efficient and reach their goal, the teams should work with one’s strength and weakness. It is a great occasion to calm down the accumulated tensions throughout the year and start again with a clean slate. Better the employees know one and other, better will be the communication and better they will perform their daily tasks.

The courses will be different but the quest is the same. It is a unifying advantage that will encourage everyone to deal with each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Of course, the participants will be brief before their departure while the teams will be formed and the accessories distributed to each one of them. 

Stay alert and observant to distinguish between the true and the false from the hidden clues in the game!

Practical informations

From 10 to 250 people

From 1H30 to 3H

Quotation only available on demand

Sportswear, water bottle

Observe and communicate

100% relaxation and team spirit!

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