Survivor challenge

Survivor Challenge

Team-building / incentive

Survivor challenge
Arcachon Bay and Landes

location stand-up paddle

Slip into the skin of real adventurers with our « Survivor » challenge, our revisited version of the TV show!

To begin this adventure properly, as a group you will have to create your tribe’s emblem and imagine the most impressive battle cry to intimidate your opponents!

After having impress all your colleagues you will have to come face to face with them to compete on water and land trials.

Indeed you will have to challenge the opponent team on trials combining reflexion, strategy, sens of direction, strength, balance, coordination or even surpassing oneself.

The trials will depend on the place, the headcount, your budget and of course your wishes!

Blind tasting, blowpipe shooting, the guide and the blind…not forgetting the unavoidable « pole trail » (the person who stays balanced the longest on a pole wins).

The winning team will receive a prize at the end of this special « Survivor » team building!

Practical information

From 20 to 250 people

From 1H30 to 3H

Quotation only available on demand

Sportswear, be able to swim 25 meters (82 feet) is mandatory

Who will win all the activities?

Reveal your adventurous talents !

All the activities are flexible according to what you want