Wave rafting challenge

Wave Rafting Challenge


Giant SUP on the Arcachon Bay

Take on the ocean with an oversized craft : the ocean raft or giant SUP. Wave-rafting is a playful team activity!

Are you looking for thrills for your teams? The wave-rafting challenge is made for you!

This activity is halfway between rafting and stand-up paddle. We offer you to realize a mini rafting competition in a surfing way on the ocean on La Teste de Buch beaches.

On giant SUP – from 4 to 8 people – the participants will be scored on their commitment, the best wave, the longest surf, the most memorable fall within a limited time. So, ready to take up the challenge?

All the participants have to be coordinated to launch the boat on the wave, the coxswain have to manage the best trajectory to surf as long as possible.

Surpassing oneself and communication are the keys to success.

Practical informations

From 10 to 100 people

Giant sup 5 meters long and 1,5 to 2 meters wide, raft helmet, lifejacket, raft paddle

Swimsuit, sunscreen, be able to swim 25 meters (82 feet) is mandatory for water activities.

Quotation only available on demand

Coordination & communication

Refreshing team building