Canoeing down the Leyre river

Canoë Kayak

Down the Leyre river

down the Leyre river

Descente de la Leyre en canoë kayak

At the center of the Regional Natural Park of Landes de Gascogne, you will share a good time with friends or family during a canoe-kayak excursion. 

Along the riverside you will discover the little Amazon with its wild and beautiful nature.

Yak’Océan offers you one among three independent excursions in double canoes : 

  • Downriver excursion over 20km all day long, from Salles to Le Teich
  • Downriver excursion over 10km half-day, from Salles to Mios OR from Mios to Le Teich 

Practical informations

Kayak sit-on top Dag Treck2 (2 adult places and 1 central place for a child),

Mandatory lifejacket,

Double asymmetric paddle

Swimsuit, closed shoes, tee-shirt, eye-glass leash, sunscreen, hat, water bottle, extra clothes and a small snack for long excursions.

On reservation : 

  • Supervised excursion on the river – 2h30 : 35€/person

Have a break in nature along the riverside

Getaway at the center of the Landes forest