Battle Archery

Battle Archery


Battle Archery
in Sanguinet and the Arcachon Bay

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Battle Archery activity is coming on the Arcachon Bay and in the North of the Landes !

Here is a real strategic and skill game ! Two teams will come face to face for being the first to drop the 5 enemy target spots or only eliminating your opponents with harmless arrows. 

This game ends in three diferent ways : firstly, all members of an opponent team have been touched, secondly, the 5 enemy target spots have been fallen or time is up. 

Battle Archery is a funny game to discover archery. This activity is open for all from the age of 6 years old. 

Battle Archery can take place at home, in a sports hall, in a company, at school, in your collectivity, your association, for an anniversary, in a leisure center or for any event.

How the game goes on : two teams of 6 players come face to face in a 24 meters length and 10 meters width area. The Battle Archery area is in 3 zones : one for each team and a neutral zone in the middle. You cannot pull or being touched in the neutral zone. Each camp has protective barriers, also called bunkers, and one 5 spots target.

Infos pratiques

Masque de protection facial pour une protection maximale,
Arc ambidextre monobloc,
Flèches Battle Archery avec embout en mousse.
Cible en mousse avec pieds en mousse, composée de 5 spots,
Bunker de protection gonflable de différentes formes.

Tenue de sport, Bouteille d’eau.
  • Séance 45mn : 15 € / personne
  • Séance 1h30 : 25€ / personne

Who will be the best archer ?

Archery in the paintball style

Don’t forget to book your time slot.